Things to Do Immediately Following A Car Accident

In the moments immediately following a serious accident, you are understandably confused and disoriented. But you should nevertheless do everything you can to ensure you are physically protected and you obtain the information necessary to protect your rights in the event a personal injury claim becomes necessary.

First of all, if you have been severely injured in the accident, it is imperative you receive medical attention immediately at the accident site or whenever the injury symptoms arise. It is common for symptoms to arise or worsen in the days and weeks following an accident, so you should seek medical attention from a qualified professional immediately. Don’t be reluctant to request an ambulance at the accident site if your injuries are severe.

At the accident site, you should then call the police, so they can conduct a thorough and professional investigation of the accident. Police officers are trained to obtain information from the parties involved in the accident and other witnesses that will be recorded and subsequently evaluated as part of your injury claim to assist in the determination of which party was at fault in the accident.

Finally, while you are still at the accident scene and if you are physically capable, you should make a record of as much information as possible about the accident while everything is still fresh on your mind. For example, if the police officers do not do so, secure the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all drivers and passengers involved in the accident and all witnesses. It is also important to record the following:

  • Accident location
  • How the accident occurred
  • Weather conditions
  • Whether the other driver was speeding, drunk or inattentive
  • Whether there was something wrong with his/her vehicle or your vehicle
  • Whether the other driver was operating a company vehicle
  • Whether any vehicles required a tow truck
  • Whether medical assistance was provided at the scene
  • The police officer’s name and contact information
  • Whether citations were issued to either driver

If you have a camera phone, take photos of the accident scene, the damage to both vehicles, and your visible injuries. All of this information will be critical to your attorney’s evaluation of your injury claim.

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